Latino Leaders of America (LLA) was established in Texas as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization in June of 2012.  LLA was established at the request of students who were seeking an organization who would guide them.

LLA is unique because it is recognized by our school district as a school based organization and a program. Thus, allowing us the opportunity to participate in school events, interact with our members during school and after school.

The LLA program is made up of six units of learning with each having seven learning objectives for our middle school chapters and eight units of learning with each having seven learning objectives for our high school chapters.  The LLA program is administered by teachers once a week after school.

LLA is currently in two middle schools and a high school servicing approximately 75 Latinos and Latinas.

We are a 100% volunteer led organization!


The mission of Latino Leaders of America is to close the academic and professional gaps in the community by providing Latino youth educational, cultural, leadership, and mentorship programs.



Our vision is to empower Latino youth to become leaders of America.


  • To develop the infrastructure for LLA organization’s growth.
  • To provide our LLA members with a program that will help  ​​  them grow as leaders and productive citizens.
  • To provide resources to assist our LLA members to determine their personal, educational and professional goals.
  • To promote and engage the participation of LLA members’ parents in their sons and daughters personal, educational and professional goals.


Our leadership is made up of students, teachers and professionals who volunteer to ensure the ensure the success of the organization.

​Board of Directors

Javier Hernandez

Christa Arocha-De Leon

Yahaira Rodriguez
Vice Chair

Amy Carrillo-Cobb


Dr. Henry Musoma, Texas A & M University

Raymond Estrada, Estrada Communications Group, Inc

Middle School Coordinators

Laura Valle, Gabriela Flores, Tiffany Hernandez, Travis Ward, Claudia Cook & Diana Reyes

High School Coordinators

Consuelo Garcia & Alejandro Naverrette